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CS3230 Project

CREATED: 200711070648

  • covered analysis, searching, sorting, hashing
  • should be realistic
  • should able to demonstrate amortized analysis (should be simple)
  • should be able to show some algorithm design principles
  • idea 1 (David) ** processing of text documents, SMS text prediction, similarity of text documents etc ** pre processing, followed by query ** counting frequency etc
  • idea 2 (David) ** fast method to compute the inner product of a dense vector and a sparse vector ** problem: given a set of dense vectors $S = {v_1, v_2, \ldots, v_n}$ and a query vector $q$ which is sparse. Find the vector $v \in S$ such that $v \cdot q$ is maximum. Don’t actually need to compute actual value of $v \cdot q$, only need to find $v$ which maximizes the inner product
  • idea 3 (Melvin) ** largest rectangle in a histogram ** application: cutting fence ** application: piecewise approximation of a curve ** ** variation 1: Cut into k rectangles, maximize sum of area ** variation 2: Cost model: balance cost of cutting vs area recovered, cutting = (a + b * Perimeter), gain = c * Area
  • idea 4, Packing (Melvin) ** see Hon Wai’s notes for the Infocomm Camp ** packing MP3 songs

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