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Comments for CS3230

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sit in labs

consultation (labs?) for assignments to help weaker students

bonus questions

** 2006/07 Sem 2

Meaningful module

An interesting module that requires a lot of thinking on algorithm to solve a problem. After thinking of an algorithm, complexity analysis is carried out and check if there is any other way to improve the algorithm so that the time required is shorter. The projects this sem is very original and tough. The hints given are also abstract that I still don’t know how an algorithm to solve the projects.

a lot of algortihms were studied. for some, they are quite hard to implement on java

The material covered was somewhat imprecise. Perhaps a more rigourous treatment of algorithms would be nice.

Too much time spent on the labs. Not that easy to cope with such lab questions when students have a lot of other modules to handle as well.

Weaknesses: - Too mathematically oriented - The dry nature of the module takes off the interest that some people have in algorithms

More examples of algorithms should be given

a good intro to the algorithms but too much workload

please make better tutoirals. The level of tutorials is way way low than the level of assignments and exams. The tutorials are the simplest questions possible.


too many projects, should be more theory based because of the nature of the subject

The module deals with concepts that are quite difficult to completely understand as some areas involve quite a lot of maths

I would like to know more about the practical uses of the algorithms taught in class.

Covers too many interesting but difficult concepts and algorithms.

Not an easy module, although fun!

Interesting Module except for the Project…

too many programming assignments back to back! no rest in between. and since i have many other programming modules this semester, i was very very very stressed out and had not much time to do the assignments. also, the assignments are of the kind, “once you get it, you know how to do it. otherwise, you’ll never know” they are very difficult.

the labs are very time and effort consuming. improvements can be made like giving us possible test cases. also, lab questions should have many solutions. the lab question should not be set whereby only one or two solution can be done. also, maybe a few possible solutions can be discussed in forum, also hints given in the website.

The course material is a bit too difficult for year 2 and below student.

** 2006/07 Sem 1

Easy, not deep enough.

The module is ok but tend to be difficult as it goes to the rather abstarct in the last few topics (i.e. P, NP, NP-complete onwards). It would be good if there is more time spend in explaining the concept. More tutorial question can be set on it to make the students appreciate them more.

Post tutorial solutions for some of the harder concepts, espcially proof cases which can be quite hard to derive. Webcast would be appreciated.

The module is ok, but lab assignments should have more clearly defined input/output.

This is one of the few interesting modules included in the course requirements of CEC.

Give more examples and teach more in detail.

textbook and lecture notes were well designed.


** 2005/06 Sem 2

Assumed too much mathematical background

good module

The module is effective and useful in understanding the key algorithms in Computer Science.

helping student to write efficient programs

Lecture a bit boring. Perhaps think of something new to make the lecture more interesting.

The lecture is too early in the morning and there is no webcast lecture. Probably should have webcast lecture. The teacher explains the material clearly.

Do not follow the book strictly.. The course is very book-based and it would be better if we don’t spend too much time on the stuffs taught during CS1102.

Mathematical in nature, very systematic in showing the effectiveness of algo analysis

Concepts that are pretty abstract and not easy to understand.

Generally this module is alright. The lectures are easy to understand as the lecturer always spend some time explaining and drawing out examples for us to see visually how the code works.

The module is quite slow, some of the basic knowledge is re-emphasized while some difficult stuff is skipped

Enthusiasm but the slides need to be a bit clearer when students want to review for the exams.

An interesting module that is further enhanced by hands-on implementations of the algorithms, as well as tricky quizzes. The only complaint is that we always seem to be behind schedule.

this module makes me satisfied


Strength - topics are interesting, workload are acceptable, lecturer is good.

Tri-weekly quizzes keeps students on their toes, weekly implementations were enjoyable.

Interesting module. Covers a lot of topics pertaining to the module, possibly too much.

I think the good point about this module is that they are various forms of assessment that serve as checkpoints to verify our understanding and progress of our revision. One suggestion would be to release the tutorial answers, if possible, as sometimes we are preoccupied with copying the answers that we missed out on the explanation.

Good use of lecture slides that are not too wordy at all. Well paced spread of quizzes and assignments, awarding students who work equally hard throughout the semester.

The practical exercises are quite easy. It should have some big problems which involves slightly complicated algorithm There should be some more in depth content

** 2005/06 Sem 1

It would be better if the teacher can teach more real application of algorithms.

The module is good overall.

Improvement: The difficulty lies in trying to see the big picture. Maybe a list of questions to practice might be good.

It requires good understanding of complex problems and algorithms.

good for thinking

the strength is we can apply what we learnt in cs1102 here. however, i think the module itself is too tough for a 4 module. the concepts to understand is tough.

Too difficult for me. Perhaps, should put less emphasis on the dry topics and teach or provide examples on the problem solving and thinking skills required to tackle algorithmic problems. I am not suggesting programming labs but actually more teaching for how to develop the necessary skills to handle problems because ultimately after the exams, students should have learnt something useful.

This module involves alot of application of concepts and theories learnt during lecture, however there is often not enough time to cover the relevant material during tutorials. The tutor often has to race to finish discussing the tutorial questions, and there is not enough time to discuss the effectiveness of different solutions (and often we end up discussing the tutor’s solution only). It would be of great value if the tutorial sessions were extended to 2hrs instead of just one.

Covers a good range of topics .

In depth study of algo, which is very thinking intensive and hard to grasp at times. MENSA should consider this course as advance IQ evaluation.

Very tough. And it was poorly delivered.

Good knowledge

honestly speaking, i can’t think of anything good abt this module. It’s probably the worst module i have taken in my University life. i truly regret taking this module. UNQUALIFIED lecturer and tutor, and he doesn’t AT LEAST makes any effort to improve the course. The course should have been better, but the lecturer just killed it, ruthlessly.

Seems very complicated module and requires a lot of IQ..

This is a very good module to build on the foundation for algorithm

Useful in the understanding and efficiency of algorithms

A course that makes me quite happy, especially the toturial.

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